Q&A with The Fauns

Due to release their second album on the 2nd of December I spoke to Alison Garner the lead singer of The Fauns.
What gave you the idea to form a band?
Michael had already started writing when he asked me if I would join his newly formed band. He owns a Record Shop and has always been surrounded by music (Physically! – he can’t move in there sometimes), and is particularly influenced by 80s / 90s shoegaze / noise pop, but also has a deep passion for film scores and soundtracks. There are elements of both in The Fauns, we like to swing somewhere between moody atmospheric fuzziness and dreamish poppyness.
Is there a story behind the name?
Originally we were going to be called ‘The Thorns’ as a nod to the MBV track Thorn, however being a born and bred Londoner, when Michael spoke it always sounded like he was saying The Fauns instead, so he gave in and it stuck!
Have you been making music long? 
Gosh, now you’re asking! Let’s see… I met Michael properly at the 2007 Portishead ATP and I guess he heard me warbling around the chalet and asked me to join soon after. So yes, 6 years or so? Blimey. The line-up changed a little bit over the first couple of years, but in the form you see today we’ve been together for roughly 4 years I think.
Was it more difficult making the second album compared to the first? 
The first album was made with a certain naivety in terms of recording techniques, but I think that adds to its charm, and has shaped the sound of what ‘The Fauns’ are. With Lights we wanted to progress from the first album whilst maintaining the sound which we had developed, albeit perhaps unconventionally! The writing has been a bit more of a group effort this time round, which allows for different members’ various influences to subtly weave through different tracks.
The Fauns – ‘Lights’ Stream
Are you pleased with the reaction to the second record? 
Thus far I think the reaction has far exceeded all our expectations!… We had slowly built a small but solid following from our first release, but now with help from our record label, Invada, this release has really seen us push forward into new areas. It’s very humbling and exciting at the moment as every day brings something new, we have had a fantastic response with press and radio, but we aren’t getting too carried away just yet, there’s a heck of a lot of hard work to be done…
What’s on the cards for 2014? 
More UK gigs thats for sure, and we also have a 20 date European tour at the end of January with the brilliant French shoegaze band Alcest, it will be the first time for us on a tour bus (usually we’re all crammed in the back of a transit van) so it should make for a bit of a different experience.
And finally, any advice for up and coming musicians? 
I don’t really feel entirely qualified to be giving out advice at this stage in my own music career… apart from perhaps, ‘expect to be poor.’ I guess you just have to do what you do because you love it, nothing more nothing less…
Lights music video

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