Eliza and the Bear, Luke Sital-Singh, Farewell J.R and Annie Eve @ Electric Circus, Edinburgh 04/03/14

Words: Leah Curtis

A light misty rain is settling upon the streets of Edinburgh and inside the Electric Circus, there is no rain in sight, but a small crowd eagerly awaiting the first act. Annie Eve starts the evening off with a quiet, but sweet ambience. The usual band mix of a drum kit, bass, electric and acoustic guitar is jazzed just that wee bit with an accordion. It’s the kind of country/folk music that is so perfectly and quietly executed that it takes your breath away. It made me want to get up and waltz in the middle of the floor. The dual female vocals also give it that extra dash of pizazz. Her lack of talking keeps a kind of innocence about it all, less breaks in the music and with the songs gracefully fitting together to give an amazing set.
As one set ends and the interval music appears, the question lingering in the air is “what can we expect from the next act?”.

newfaces-tour-mainNeedless to say, Farewell J.R. do not disappoint as they hit the stage with energy. Their music surprises you. As soon as you think “oh this is a quiet song”, they ramp it up with an explosion of sound. They have the rock/folk ratio mastered with that sweet hint of Explosions In The Sky-esk progressive instrumental rock that make the music as tasty as a chocolate cake.

As we’re nearing the end of the evening, the excitement starts to rise even more, for next is
Luke Sital-Singh, who brings steps onto the stage with an oomph. The folk/soft rock genre reminds me ever so slightly of “Ron Pope”, but his vocals and music style bring something new to the table. His energy makes your ears prick up and tap your feet.

Now for
Eliza and the Bear who really amp it up and almost take your eardrums off in the process. The whole crowd is jumping and clapping. Definitely the rockiest, rockers of the night, the boys are the perfect headline act. But, what’s this? A trumpet? Well it sounds pretty damn awesome! That particular aspect reminds me a tad of Mumford and Sons, but they have a sound that you can’t quite compare to anything else. They have made their music purely their own and as the lights come back on and the music stops, that usually signals “we want you to get out of here”, you can’t help hunger for more.


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