Single Review / Stream: Victorian Trout Conspiracy – Golden Jim

Words: Ian Clement.

Why isn’t ska more popular? It’s the perfect music to just lose yourself with, it’s great to dance to at parties and it’s just, well, fun. In fact “fun” is the best way to describe Victorian Trout Conspiracy.

Golden Jim is just joyous to listen to and it’s hard not to dance to something like this. It’s exactly what you expect from a ska band: Trumpets and an upbeat tempo. Lyrically it shows someone having trouble with accepting the fact that they might not “make it” as a successful musician which is actually quite nice to hear, as it shows some vulnerability, which makes the single feel human. If there was one criticism though, it’s that the lyrics don’t quite fit in with the style of the music and would probably work better with a track that’s quieter and lower in tempo.

But the lyrics isn’t what’s going to sell this band to you, it’s the music. Put this on loud and just have a great time with it. You won’t regret it. Like I said, this band is just fun and if that’s what you’re looking for, then here you go. Enjoy.

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