Live Review: The Xcerts @ Nice N’ Sleazys, Glasgow 23/07/2014

Words: Ian Clement.

Before this show even started, you knew this was going to be a special show. For one thing, this show sold out in a day, and it was the first show of the Xcerts’s tour to sell out. People genuinely care about this one and are clearly looking forward to hearing their new material.

First up though was the support act, Flood of Red. They created some dark, brooding and energetic rock which was a blast to watch. The frontman (Jordan Spiers) was regularly leaving the stage and performing right next to the crowd and really rocking out which is always a fantastic thing to watch. The rest of the band were also giving it their all, and they clearly enjoy performing their material live. It was also really hard not to take your eyes away from the intense drumming and the bass player really going for it. One criticism however is that you could barely hear the vocals at all as they were hidden behind loud distortion and bass. Thankfully, their recorded material is nothing like that so they’re definitely worth checking out but it was shame that we couldn’t hear the vocals, because they work really well with the rest of the music.

Next up were The Xcerts who clearly gave it their all. Murray Macleod (guitarist & vocalist) was just a blur of blonde hair most of the night and the set list was a nice mix from their first album (“In the Cold Wind We Smile”) and “Scatterbrain” which got the crowd singing along raucously. The highlight for many though was probably when the band left the stage, except Murray and he played an intimate rendition of Aberdeen, 1987 where nearly everyone was singing and shouting the words back at him. They also played the new single “Shaking in the Water” and a new song, simply called “Pop song”, from their new record which fit in nicely with the rest of their old material.

After finishing off with an intense version of “Hurt With Me” it was clear that The Xcerts are really enjoying being back on tour, and are genuinely humbled that their fans have stuck with them for so long without any new material. Let’s hope they gain some new followers in the next year or so, because they clearly deserve it.


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