Through The Wire Mix 005 (FourByFour – Jack.O.D – Strut – Krowne) & Interview.

The fifth instalment in the mix series from Edinburgh club night FourByFour. Jack O.D, Krowne & Strut have recorded a two-hour mix to showcase what a typical FourByFour night sounds like.

How did FourbyFour start? Was it something you guys planned or did it grow out of something else?

FourbyFour was the brainchild of Jack O.D and Rendezvoodoo. They both had a deep passion for House and Techno and wanted to build a night that would showcase the music they loved, together with bringing something unique and exciting to the Edinburgh club scene. They then brought the idea to Krowne who, with experience of running clubs back in Northern Ireland, would have valuable input as part of the team. The next and final addition to the team came during a meeting to discuss the development of FourbyFour. Strut dropped in and offered to host the team for a night in August ’13 off the back of Ghost Groove Records’ festival event. The next step was to bring Strut into the FourbyFour fold, after the success of the launch, as a permanent partner.

How long have you guys been putting on nights?

We have been running Fourbyfour for just over a year now. Our first night was in Sept 2013 and we’ve never looked back.4x4_logo

What was it like putting on your first ever event?

If we’re honest, it was nerve-racking. The most important aspect of a successful night is to deliver something which will be remembered by the audience and that’s what we aimed to do. It’s hard to start something when you basically have nothing, which is what we had! We couldn’t have hoped for a more successful first night and after that, everything seemed to fall perfectly into place, aside the few technical hiccups on the way. As the old saying goes “Once you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed”.

Who’s all on the promoter / resident DJ team these days?

Three of us run the night now. Our roster consists of ‘Jack O.D’, ‘Krowne & Strut’. We all have the exact same input when it comes to promoting, managing and playing at each night. We also have another guest resident DJ, that is the tech-house wizard Rendezvoodoo.

Do you have any special guests coming to the capital to play soon?

Yes. We are really excited to bring the Belgian-born DJ and producer Hermanez to Edinburgh for our second event at Studio 24. If you haven’t heard of him, he is becoming one of Europe’s top techno artists. He has releases on record labels such as Suara, Noir Music, Trapez LTD, Viva Music, Leena Music and his own Aella Music. Hermanez is mostly associated with his grooving, tribal-flecked tech-house but also moves through the different realms of techno. He has a big track coming out on October 6th called ‘Boomstick’ you should check out and just like my favourite Evil Dead weapon it packs a punch.

Here’s a preview of the track and to the event page on facebook:

Edinburgh seems to have a massive following for techno and bass music, do you go against other club nights or do you all work together?

We all try to work together when we can. The development of FourbyFour has seen us work with other nights like ‘Animal Hospital’ and ‘Pulse’ and seen us play at other events run by ‘Audio Soup’, ‘The Wub Hut’, ‘El Ritmo Latino’, ‘Black Lantern Music Radio’ and ‘Shake Yer Shoulders’. There are numerous techno nights in Edinburgh all of whom bring great character to the scene and it’s amazing to be part of it.

Are you planning on taking FourbyFour to any festivals next year?

Yes. This year we played at both Audio Soup and Equinox, which was great fun and we intend on seeing a repeat of that next year, we hope to add to the list festivals like ‘Kelburn Garden Party’ & ‘Eden’.

What’s been your favourite night so far?

It’s hard to say, a lot of different nights stand out for different reasons, but we mainly enjoy putting the focus on the guests we have playing for us and, of course, the crowd! We’ve had so many great acts that have played for FourbyFour including ‘Ariose’, now signed to ‘Traum Schallplatten’ and The Oxygen Junkies who run ‘JuJu Recordings’ to name a few. We would all agree though that our 1st birthday with Mark Reeve was a major highlight because it represented our biggest move as a night from a small venue to one with a capacity of 600+, which brought us the biggest turnout we’ve had so far.



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