Live Review: Twin Atlantic w/ The Xcerts and Nothing But Thieves @ The Barrowlands, Glasgow. 25/10/14

Words: Adam Muir.

Big choruses meet big energy, making one big night and more to come as Twin Atlantic kick off The Great Divide tour in their hometown.

Full disclosure: I’m not a big fan of Twin Atlantic’s most recent effort, The Great Divide. I know others who aren’t, maybe there’s going to be a Great Divide between fans of new Twin and old Twin (see? Eh? Eh?!). But a lot of people do like The Great Divide, and in that group are Twin Atlantic themselves, which makes for a hell of a good atmosphere and a huge live show.

The night began with solid support from tourmates and still somewhat underground ScotsRock™ favourites The Xcerts. Playing a strong set featuring their first two albums, and a selection from their upcoming 3rd There is Only You. The Xcerts were well received and possibly an upcoming force to be reckoned with.

On to the main event, the roadies dispersed, the lights went down, the Great Divide flags were illuminated and the crowd were treated to Bohemian Rhapsody (all 6 minutes) over the PA. Perhaps a bit much, but a lot of fun regardless.

Twin Atlantic Great Divide

Twin Atlantic took to the stage, huge beaming smiles plastered across their faces, frontman Sam McTrusty walking on last wearing a white anorak and the biggest, beamiest smile of them all. After a rousing rendition of The Ones that I Love (the chorus usually being left for the crowd to sing), band launched into current single Hold On. Everybody was bouncing, everybody was singing their heart (and soul) out, and the tone for the night was set.

Twin Atlantic have written an album that they hugely enjoy playing. Full of ground shaking riffs and anthemic choruses, they played every single track on the GT, because it’s the sound of a band that wants everyone involved.

The night was a tour of loud peaks and tender troughs. From the powerful stomp of Cell Mate and the raucous I Am An Animal, to the soulful Oceans and, after getting the audience to sing Happy Birthday for Sam’s sister Alannah McTrusty, a particularly heartfelt rendition of Crash Land.

There was still plenty of representation from the back catalogue. Highlights of the night include the moment the flags went down, revealing the light display at the beginning of a thunderous version of The Ghost of Eddie – complete with minute long drum solo, and the ambient Yes I was Drunk, the crowd’s arms waving and soaking up the reverb guitars.

The night could’ve done with more of 2009’s Vivarium, with old standards like Lightspeed and You’re Turning into John Wayne conspicuously absent, however fan favourite What is Light? Where is Laughter? made an appearance.

All in all, it was everything you want from a rock gig. Afterwards, everyone was hoarse and drenched in sweat, and judging by the smiles wouldn’t have had it any other way. When a band is having this much fun, it’s impossible not to join in, especially when every chorus is designed to hook you. I still have my reservations about The Great Divide, but Twin Atlantic have really hit their stride on stage, expect them filling stadiums come album 4.


The Ones that I Love

Hold On

Fall Into the Party

Make a Beast of Myself

Edit Me

Be a Kid

The Ghost of Eddie

Cell Mate

Rest in Pieces

I am an Animal

Actions that Echo

Rest in Pieces

Yes I was Drunk

Time to stand up

What is Light? Where is Laughter?


Crash Land

Why won’t we change?


Brothers & Sisters

Heart & Soul


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