Live Review: Jamie T @ Alexandra Palace, London 14/11/15

Words: Andrew Harrigan.

After a 5 year break from recording Jamie Treays aka Jamie T returns with his critically acclaimed third studio album, with a shit ton of media hype and a sold out UK tour to boot, Jamie is very much back with a sucker-punch blow to the face. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a ticket for the first of a two night stint at London’s Alexandra Palace to witness his homecoming performance.

To kick off proceedings, solo artist Hollie Cook and punk rock duo Slaves are on hand to warm the crowd up and by the time Jamie T walks on stage, the 10,000-strong army of fans provide the charismatic troubadour of rock with a hero’s welcome.

The show opens with Limits Lie, a sing-along, lighters in the air ballad taken from the new album, it’s catchy chorus and poetic lyrics are classic Jamie T, and as with much of the latest LP the sound has evolved and is now more refined, some of the youthful edginess of his earlier work is missing, but this is evidence of an extremely talented musician drawing on every ounce of his experience. Jamie shows his darker side (quite literally) on Peter as the lights are dimmed and a giant shadow is cast on the stage behind him, the familiar sounding crunchy distorted chord progression is well received as fans nod their heads in unison.

So Lonely Was The Ballad and Salvador are like a shot of adrenaline to the arm of each and every member of the audience, as a result the venue bursts into life and the atmosphere becomes electric. Amongst all of the chaos, a stripped back solo performance of “Emily’s Heart” offers up a change of pace, it is played to perfection and sung with passion, the emotion of the song really comes across.

Jamie T @ Alexandra Palace, London. [Credit:]

Jamie T @ Alexandra Palace, London. [Credit:]

The encore sees the cheeky cockney, born and raised south of river in Wimbledon, return to the stage with a rather scrappy solo version of Calm Down Dearest, this has all the hallmarks of an artist reluctantly playing one his most commercially successful tracks to date. However, he more than makes amends as it is followed up with a trio of knockout tunes in the form of Sheila, Zombie, and to finish the night Sticks and Stones. An energetic, lager-drenched, sweaty mess of an end – what a show!

1. Limits Lie
2. Don’t You Find
3. Operation
4. Peter
5. Turn on the Light
6. So Lonely Was the Ballad
7. Salvador
8. British Intelligence
9. The Prophet
10. Pacemaker
11. Rabbit Hole
12. Emily’s Heart (Performed solo)
13. Back in the Game (Performed solo)
14. The Man’s Machine
15. Spider’s Web
16. 368
17. They Told Me It Rained
18. If You Got the Money

19. Calm Down Dearest (Performed solo)
20. Sheila
21. Zombie
22. Sticks ‘N’ Stones


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