Live Review: Bear’s Den at Oran Mor, Glasgow. (11/02/15)

bears den logo

Review: Lisa Thomson.

Glasgow’s Oran Mor played host to London’s Bear’s Den on 11th February. Starting off in 2012 the boys have supported such acts as Mumford & Sons and Daughter. Now they are taking the limelight for themselves with début album “Islands”.

After timidly and courteously introducing themselves to the sold out crowd the band began with popular “Above The Clouds of Pompeii”.

With instant respect and adoration from the crowd the lads built up their playful rapport with each other making for a captivating performance. The preconceived thought that the boys would fall into the Mumford category quickly vanished alongside the risk of a monotone performance.

One of my two highlights of the night came with the performance of “Sophie” sans microphone. Stunning! The silence from the crowd created one of the most intimate performance I’ve seen to date.

After performing such hits as “Isaac”, which proved to be a definite crowd favourite it was announced that “There is absolutely no way we can go off and come back on so until that is invented this will be our last song”. After performing their “last song” Agape. The band left the stage only to predictably come back on about 90 seconds later for personal highlight number two. The encore itself however wasn’t predictable in any way with the band jumping into the middle of the crowd to perform it.

With most of the crowd swarming the lads and the others holding back claiming that they will “just catch it on YouTube later” the band treated the crowd to an extraordinary performance of “Bad Blood”. Giving yet another showcase of their phenomenal harmonies the band were rewarded with deafening appreciation.

With Bear’s Den it’s obvious that it’s not all about the cocky stage presence, its not about a huge production. It is simply about the music.

I urge you to check out this band if you haven’t already!


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