Live Review: Prides at the Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh. (07/02/15)

Review: Ailsa Harper.

Saturday night saw Prides, a Scottish synth-pop band play Edinburgh’s The Liquid Rooms as part of their UK headline tour. The small and intimate venue was perfect for the sold out show, creating an electric and heady atmosphere.

First up were Flyte; a four piece indie band hailing from London. Encompassing a retro vibe, their set was both tight and diverse with strong vocals. However, unfortunately as it is with most support acts they failed to keep the audience interested.

Prides at the Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh.


Onto Prides; Any band who chooses to grace the stage to a Disney track can initially be hard to take seriously, luckily this isn’t the case for these lads. Those thoughts quickly dissipated when they launched straight into popular track ‘Cold Blooded’, taken from début EP “The Seeds You Sow”. It didn’t take long for the lads to have the crowd jumping along. Performing a Zane Lowe and crowd favourite ‘Higher Love’ which is full of empowering lyrics and a strong beat, Prides had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

Performing tracks from their upcoming album such as ‘Just Say It’ and ‘Little Danger’, Prides stick to what they know best with their 80’s electro feel. With great melodies and driving beats, these songs are bound for future success. Performed alongside a mesmerising backdrop of lights tracks ‘Out Of The Blue’ and ‘I Should Know You Better By Now’ give the already vibrant atmosphere some electricity.

Prides at the Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh.


The encore had Prides perform their Mixtape which was released at the end of last year. Comprising of ten popular 2014 hits and being nine minutes long, Prides played it in its entirety. The encore proved to be extremely impressive and well received by the crowd. Ending the night perfectly with fan favourite ‘Messiah’, a shout-along, hands-in-the-air worthy song.

As always, Prides delivered an upbeat, energetic and fun performance. It is evident that these guys genuinely enjoy every aspect of performing live. They engage with their audience with great intensity and also encourage singing and dancing along wherever possible. That is exactly what they got with their crowd at The Liquid Rooms. With their fan base continuing to grow and the venues for each tour getting bigger and bigger in size; it’s easy to see why these guys have been described as ones to watch in 2015.

If you are yet to see Prides live, I would highly recommend doing so! The band have said in the past that they pride themselves on being able to win a crowd over, and that is a statement that I couldn’t agree more with.

The latest single ‘Higher Love’ is out now.


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