Happyness at The Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh. (14/02/15)

Review: Kyle Wilson.

It’s yet another cold and dark winter evening in the capital and even the thought of leaving the house is chilling. On the plus side London slacker-rock trio Happyness have made their way up north to play the Pleasance Theatre in Edinburgh.

Happyness at The Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh.

Happyness at The Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh.

They’ve been on tour with Slow Club for the last few weeks playing shows around the UK. Stopping off in Edinburgh’s Pleasance Theatre for this leg of the tour Happyness deliver a laid back and very mellow set to the seated audience. The seated show worked in the bands favour by adding a relaxing atmosphere in the room as they played through tracks from their début album, ‘Weird Little Birthday’. Whilst they were playing slower numbers like ‘Montreal Rock Band Somewhere’ you could have heard a pin drop as the effect drenched guitars began to slowly fill the room. “It’s great that you’re all sitting down, that way we can pick you out if you leave… You’re stuck now” joked Ash Cooper (singer / bassist) before they burst into life to perform their new single ‘A Whole New Shape”.

It’s clear to see that Happyness have put a lot of work into their music and finishing their own sound over the last 18 months with a live set that’ll make the audience laugh, rock out and be filled with great atmosphere creating emotion. If you get the chance to see them live you won’t be disappointed, they’re one of the most exciting UK bands around at the moment.

Stream ‘A Whole New Shape’ below.


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