Album Review: The Skints – FM

Review: Ian Clement.

For those who are fans of the UK Reggae scene then you will probably have already heard of The Skints, who have a reputation for being an incredibly hard working band who tour extensively. So three years after the release of their last offering, “Part & Parcel”, we have “FM” which sort of acts as a concept album.  “FM” is set on the hottest day on record in London at an imaginary pirate radio station called “The Big FM/Frequency Murderation, 103.Skints”. This is straight away reflected in the intro “FM: DJ Mr. Versatilethe skints FM Breakfast Show” which is a little skit set in the fictitious pirate radio station and you can expect to hear more of the skits throughout your listen of the album. These little breaks in the music throughout the album actually help to enhance the concept of “FM” and the concept is one of the strongest aspects that the album has going for it.

Another thing that the album has got right is, of course, the music. Leading single “This Town” is a love song to London which is massive sounding and fantastically upbeat. You also have tracks like “Friends and Business” and “Where Did You Go?” which are instantly memorable and also fun to listen to.

However, the band are also still incredibly relevant with tracks like “Tazer Beam” which comes at the time when the Metropolitan Police are required to carry tazer guns to help fight terrorism, proving that The Skints haven’t forgotten about what made them popular in the first place within the UK reggae scene.

“FM” is arguably The Skints at their most creative and with the best material they have come out with to date. Not only is this album a love letter to the radio, it is also something that is incredibly radio friendly and incredibly fun to listen to, but the band still haven’t forgotten what made them popular in the first place.

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