Cartesian Jetstream – ‘Ancestors’ (One track a day 06/03/15)

Cartesian have been making music over the last five years from the Isle of Man. Explaining how the band got together, Simon says “I was one of the two people who interviewed Ben for a job, exciting office IT stuff! The fact that he mentioned he played the drums has nothing to do with him getting the job. Ben and I played casually with a few people for years and then Phil just seemed to turn up as a gift from the lord and immediately learned all our songs and we were off.” ‘Ancestors’ is the band’s second album and represents their take on pop music. Simon also explains the process behind the new album “I wanted to get the feel of how bands like the Beatles sounded in 65/66 when it was still quite groovy and beauty but just starting to go a bit weird and psychedelic in places – Invisible Ink is probably the best example of that. Kosmiche power pop? Easy listening freakbeat? Party music for introverts? Basically we’re trying to make a whole album that sounds like the faster section from the Doors’ track ‘L.A. Woman’ but with a (slightly) less drunk singer.”


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