Live Review: Mungo’s Hi Fi at Wee Dub Festival, Studio 24, Edinburgh.


Review: Amanda Cunningham.

I was slightly trepidatious about Mungo’s Hifi, Saturday night of the Wee Dub Festival 2015. Outside of the Fringe, Edinburgh can be rather a reserved night out. Beautiful city for meals and theatre, but late night shindigs can be very hit or miss.

A crowd had already gathered by 9.30pm. Turns out that Mungo’s Hifi were the hottest ticket with at least a 100 disappointed revellers were turned away. Mungo’s delivered the promised full rig, those lucky enough to have a golden weekend festival wristband or one of the few tickets, felt the bassline through their bones. Oh yeah, somebody brought the big ass speakers!

Mungo's Hi Fi at Wee Dub Festival 2015.

Mungo’s Hi Fi at Wee Dub Festival 2015.

The music was incredible, great collection of dub plates, reworked classics and some great fresh tunes. First time catching Ruddim Tuffa, Charlie P and O.B.F Soundsystem and each a rare treat. Leaving the dance floor resulted in a pleasingly weird anti-gravity feeling from dancing near the speakers. I got a much needed workout, continuously dancing for over 5 hours, stopping only for life necessaries: loo, liquids, smoke and trip to the RastaFairies, left me with a satisfying leg ache on Sunday morning. Big thank you to Wee Dub and Mungo’s. Edinburgh can be a let down for a night out. Saturday surpassed all expectations, I woke up with the shouts of ‘rub-a-dub-dub’ ringing in my ears; humming Superstylin’ with a lighter spirit.

Wee Dub 2016 might need to consider bigger venues, if Mungo’s was anything to judge by. Additionally, Edinburgh, really must consider smokers at clubs on a  night out. I was very sorry to have missed the Sunday Social at Hemma, which was fantastic last year. But I can highly recommend making the effort of a night in Edinburgh, grabbing a cheap hostel and going to Wee Dub sessions or as I hope next year the entire festival. It certainly gave a much needed  lively up to Edinburgh for the weekend.



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