Album Review: Imperial Leisure – Lifestyle Brand

Words: Ian Clement

The band Imperial Leisure are possibly one of the hardest working bands in the UK at the moment and have gigged (or partied) in nearly every corner of the UK. Their hard work has paid off as well as they have acquired quite a strong following. It helps that they put on a phenomenal show and they also write some of the catchiest music in recent memory.cover

For those not in the know, Imperial Leisure are best described as a ska band, but before you go away thinking that they play tunes that sound exactly like The Specials, Madness or even think they might be like American ska bands like Less Than Jake or Reel Big Fish then this new album might change your mind.

There are of course, quite a lot of trumpets and trombones to be heard throughout “Lifestyle Brand” but Imperial Leisure are creating something that may not be revolutionary or innovative, but it’s certainly different. There’s more edginess and quite a bit of experimentation going on with everything they do making it an interesting listen for  those who are looking for something to dissect when they listen to it, yet this is still very much a party album, and every track would fit in well if played at a house party.

It also helps that by this current third album, the band are playing incredibly tight together and have moved on from being  just a few kids playing instruments to becoming very competent musicians in their own right.

Admittedly, if you’re looking for something that’s perhaps a bit more serious and is answering questions on what it means to be human, then “Lifestyle Brand” probably isn’t for you. This is a party album and it’s proud about it. If you’re looking for your soundtrack for the summer then you can stop now, you’ve found it.


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