Live Review: Walk the Moon at The Arches, Glasgow (23/05)

Words: Ailsa Harper.

Formed in Cincinnati, USA, the four-piece indie-pop band, Walk the Moon took to the Arches in Glasgow for the last instalment of their first ever UK SOLD OUT tour. 

Hippo Campus kicked off the night, a young band also hailing from the USA. Their set was short and lively, interacting well with the crowd and full of energy on stage, they proved to be the perfect warm up act.

A short while later it’s time for Walk the Moon who are welcomed onto the stage to roars from the extremely eager Scottish crowd. They launch straight into Different Colours; an up-tempo, resplendent song which sets the tone for the night. The set is comprised of a variety of songs from their new album and also older favourites from their last album such as Tightrope, Jenny and I Can Lift a Car. Their songs are synth-heavy and evidently underpinned by a strong 80’s influence; the uplifting lyrics really get the crowd moving. This is facilitated by front man, Nicholas Petricca encouraging the crowd to get involved with dance moves to the songs. I have to say his vocal range is incredible and as a front man, he is one of the most entertaining I have seen.

Walk The Moon @ The Arches, Glasgow.

Walk The Moon @ The Arches, Glasgow.

The sold out gig saw the front of the venue transformed into a dance party where loyal fans appeared to know every word to all of the songs. This is despite the fact that their début album ‘Talking is Hard’ is not yet available in the UK until the 15th of June. These guys certainly have a loyal fan following here in the UK which I can only imagine is going to keep growing. One of the highlights of the night is hearing ‘Shut Up and Dance’ live. This is the band’s latest single, yet to be released in the UK (released on June 7th) but is dominating the charts state side. The infectious lyrics and addictive rhythm saw the crowd dancing and singing along to every line. Judging by crowd’s reaction, I’m sure this feel-good song will be a huge summer hit when it is released here next month.

The encore saw an impassioned and highly charged cover of ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ by the Killers which had the crowd belting out the well-known lyrics. Lastly, the band end the night with one of their best known songs ‘Anna Sun’.

These guys really do put on an electric live show, one to remember for the Scottish crowd. Walk the Moon state that their live shows are a ‘celebration of life and love and living in the moment’. After seeing them live I have to say that I’d agree with that statement. This American quartet radiate positivity and have an electrifying stage presence, making it easy to forget all your worries for a short while and leave the venue with a smile on your face.


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