Album Review: Roy’s Iron DNA – Men In Wax Jackets

Words: Amanda Cunningham

Roy’s Iron DNA – Men in Wax Jackets


[Re-release via Travelled Music]

Roy’s Iron DNA are a five-piece band from Berwick-upon-Tweed that have re-released their début album Men in Wax Jackets, on free download during December and it’s well worth catching. The band have created a very polished piece of work.  Parts of the album, were for me, reminiscent of french synth group Air. Especially Bruma, an extremely chilled track, almost instrumental, with a very high production quality. The first couple of tracks, Steppin’ on and Silent Majority both had a very early 80’s indie bands and Reason cemented that with a song that would not be out-of-place on The Stone Roses début.

The title track Men in Wax Jackets itself has a  psychedelic ambience, which gives a rather pleasant dissociative feeling and gathers pace towards the end which break the reverie.

The entire album is a very polished piece, with carefully mixed electronica, alongside rather hypnotic indie vocals. I look forward to seeing the videos that have been produced to accompany this album and seeing the work live. The entire album bears repeated listening which is often a rarity and kept me going during a paperchain marathon.

Download ‘Men In Wax Jackets’ here. 


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