Review: Chvrches @ The Hydro, Glasgow (02/04/16)

Words: Ian Clement


For the band Chvrches, tonight will surely be one of the nights to remember. To become a band that’s considered “big” or “popular” enough after releasing only two albums is a huge success and it only seems fitting to celebrate that success by having your biggest ever show in the city that helped start it all. To top it all off, they even invited a band that was part of their journey from the beginning to help them with their celebrations (that being The Twilight Sad).

Before all that though, we have Shura, an electronic/pop songwriter. Although she provided a mellower start to the evening for the expected “party atmosphere”, she did a good job of warming the crowd to her and overall the music itself was enjoyable. However, it did feel like it there was nothing really memorable and that the style of music would fit perfectly in the background on a lazy Sunday afternoon rather than at a pop concert.

Shortly afterwards, we had The Twlight Sad who managed to draw in a pretty large crowd considering they are already a very popular band in the independent Scottish music scene. Although they are not as big a band as, say, Frightened Rabbit, their influence is undeniable and they have released albums that are already being considered “modern classics” for those involved in the scene. The set itself was mainly from their last album “Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave” with only one track each from their back catalogue to spice things up a little. It would have been nice to have a more varied set list as opposed to five songs from one album and the remaining three tracks representing their previous work but since the band were giving it their all and the music being as good as it is, this makes any criticism little more than nitpicking. The Twilight Sad already have a devoted following but after tonight’s show, It wouldn’t be surprising if they gained a few more fans that will go to their shows.

After that, we have the main event that everyone was waiting for, and Chvrches really pulled it out of the bag. The band’s sound was sharp, clear and crisp which helped to give you a bigger appreciation to how well their songs were constructed. On top of that, they performed as if this was going to be their last show they will ever play and provided a light show to rival any other big band doing the circuit at the moment. The set list was also nice and varied, and at no point did the performance ever get boring or stale. Highlights in particular came from “Clearest Blue” which got the crowd jumping and dancing more than any other song during the night and Lauren Mayberry’s note perfect performance of “Afterglow” during the encore.

Chvrches are a band that many people have heard of already and have built up a strong reputation as being an influential and popular group being around at the moment. After tonight, it seems safe to say that the momentum isn’t going to stop any time soon.


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