Review: Shonen Knife @ Summerhall, Edinburgh (28/04/16)

Words: Amanda Cunningham

I was delighted when I heard Shonen Knife were on tour, I couldn’t quite believe it was their 35th Anniversary Tour and still can’t quite. This all girl band from Osaka in Japan have been rocking with extreme style for a long time and continue unabated. Known as the Osaka Ramones, Shonen Knife, in fabulous silver jumpsuits, were polished joyous, garage punk pop with a flavour of sixties girl band thrown in. They had boundless charisma and style and the belted their way through number after number with seamless intros every time. Atsuko and Naoko Yamano, the sisters who formed the group, still charm audiences effortlessly with brief chat between songs and introducing new drummer Risa. Their energy seemed endless and the songs were gutsy and melodic. It was a packed and diverse audience who were as excited by the tracks from their new album Adventure as they were by classic tracks from the extensive back catalogue.

Shonen Knife 4

Shonen Knife @ Summerhall, Edinburgh [Credit: 7ahead]

They were supported by Indie group Teen Canteen, who channelled a Primitives sound with a Glaswegian accent. It was brilliant to see an all female lineup for the whole night. My friend and I had a top class night and both our young daughters have bemoaned the 18+ door policy, showing the enduring appeal of the world’s coolest girl band.


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