Paradise Palms to launch new Record Label

Bonnie Tropical

Operating under the roof of Edinburgh bar turned vinyl shop and event venue, Paradise Palms is devoted to emerging local music and talent. They’ve recently decided to start their own record label too! 

Their first release, Bonnie Tropical, is a diverse compilation of modern electronica and experimental dance music.

The comp is available on heavy-weight 12-inch vinyl and digitally – both released Thursday 29th September 2016. Their first release is a sign of good things to come with some top quality electonica acts featured, some known and some unknown.

The début compilation comprises 14 artists and you can listen to previous material from most by clicking thier name below. 

Arm Watches Fingers, Glamour Muscle, Sohla, Wuh OhEpsilonDemos, Le Thug, Happy Meals, Bugatti, Sweet Dieter, Chow Main, Bessa, Ikotu, M.O.T.O and Hi & Saberhägen 

More news to follow soon… 


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